An unconference about collaborative tools - which tools? which rules?. We will discuss what are the secrets to use them successfully in a scientific environment.
Which problems do we encounter? is it a problem with the tools? is it a generational barrier? or there are governamental rules that prevent us to use them?

2-3 March 2017
Because people overuse e-mail!
Because people overuse e-mail!
Because people overuse e-

* If the above is not enough reason to come, here are some more:

  • Because people overuse of e-mail. Wait, I've said that already;
  • To understand which legal issues prevent you using cloud solutions that host data in a different country;
  • To identify and overcome barriers to collaboration created by certain tools;
  • To recognise which workflows are more suitable to remote collaborations;
  • To debate which etiquettes we (should) follow when working online;
  • And of course, to discuss the tools available and look to the future!
Take a look at the tools and suggest new ones if you think any are missing (without a github account? no need! contribute through this form ).