Science together: the unconference.

This is about tools, that help you to work with others…

This is about a set of rules, that will make that work possible…

Brought to you by Me!

I’m David, a used-to-be solar physicist and current software developer at UCL.

I worked in 5 countries as a researcher, collaborating with people in many others. I’ve contributed to build some e-infrastructures in Europe to help researchers to discover data, however, these tools were not easing the collaboration between researchers.

Therefore, I’m organising this conference as part of the Software Sustainable Institute’s fellowship I was awarded in 2016 to find out how we can ease collaboration across domains, generations and the world.

If you want to help me with the design of the page, conference or any other community task, don’t doubt it a second!! Show your interest with an issue. :)

The Software Sustainability Institute’s motto is:

Better Software, Better research and following that, they are behind of a lot of events, plenty of material and a wonderful fellowship program that provides a way for many to make their dreams come true while helping the community (like this event!).