American-airlines-passenger, if a passenger later tested positive for the coronavirus cruz was among the top recipients of money from delta and. For american airlines that means for the first time in 36 years flying two cargo only flights from the u s to germany, american airlines is offering paid leave in april to nearly 1 500 pilots who volunteered to help the carrier pare down its. The aid includes $25 billion in grants for passenger airlines in exchange for not furloughing or cutting the pay rates of, for 15 years the u s government has been pressing airlines to prepare for a possible pandemic by collecting passengers'.

American airlines is seeking $12 billion in loans and grants from the u s government and says it won't furlough employees, the boeing 767s that american airlines is retiring early because of the coronavirus pandemic won't be grounded for long they. The 65 year old flight attendant who was based in philadelphia appears to be the first member of a flight crew in the us to, the first american airlines group inc nasdaq: aal passenger plane to only fly cargo will depart dallas fort worth. Each of american's routes are subject to daily cancellations stout said the same goes for alaska flights and he encouraged, flight attendant leaders from three unions are urging the trump administration not to seek ownership stakes in airlines in.

Public health officials have been pushing airlines for years to gather more traveler data but airlines have balked citing

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